Hydroton as a partner engineering tidal turbines.

Turbines in water
Hydroton as a partner TPP Oosterscheldeengineering tidal turbines.

The concept and design of the hydraulic turbines required a competent and innovative partner. Hydroton

has been commissioned to develop a reliable and innovative brake system for the tidal turbines. A complete advice and design we made to Tocardo. In partnership we delivered a reliable and effective part of their product. Which our client could integrate direct into the system.

The following points were important:

  • Lifetime (for installation under water)
  • Operational reliability
  • Innovative
  • Maintenance free

On November 25, 2015 this installation was officially inaugurated.Load out TPP Schiedam







Photos: Tocardo/Pieter de Haas
More information: www.tocardo.com