Stone and Hydroton


Stone has been a key Hydroton partner for many years. We carry the extensive range of Stone hydraulic power units and components in stock. Stone products are perfectly suited to light industrial or mobile applications.

Hydroton also has the facilities to manufacture and test larger batches (of 400 units). Upon request we will be able to build you a tailored, customer-specific product for optimal quality or user-friendly operation.

The product range is made up of the following categories:

  • Micro units 12-24VDC to 1200W
  • Compact units 12-24VDC to 3kW
  • Compact units 230VAC to 3kW
  • Compact units 400V 3F to 3kW
  • Various operational options.

Download here information of SPX Stone.

We’d be delighted to help you select the right components/systems for new projects or existing systems. Please contact us for more information.