Hydroton hydraulic cylinders

Hydroton hydraulische systeemtechniek | cilinderbouw 3A properly-fitting cylinder is crucial to any healthy hydraulic system. A large part of Hydroton’s activities consist of designing, developing and selling hydraulic systems. No matter what cylinder size, whether it’s for civil engineering purposes or for mobile use. Our team is happy to design and calculate the hydraulic cylinders you need.

Bespoke design and production by Hydroton

If your hydraulic system is highly specialised, the cylinders you use will be too. That’s why we design and manufacture bespoke cylinders according to your specifications and guidelines. Hydroton’s expertise in the field of cylinder design and manufacturing will help you find the perfect solution. We make all the calculations for the cylinder, at all times using the correct materials and dimensions.

Our range includes:

  • Single-action hydraulic cylinders
  • Double-action hydraulic cylinders
  • Piston cylinders
  • Single-action hydraulic telescopic cylinders
  • Double-action hydraulic telescopic cylinders
  • High-pressure jacks (700 bar) standard to 1000 tonnes
  • Bespoke hydraulic cylinders
  • Water hydraulics cylinders

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Cylinder accessories

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