Revisie Hydrauliek Unit Duurzaam alternatief Hydroton

Environment & Sustainability

Hydroton contributes to a sustainable world by building its products efficiently and by sourcing components and services locally as much as possible. Nevertheless, many transport movements are required to transport components from foreign suppliers to the Netherlands. In order to limit emissions, transports for deliveries to Hydroton and deliveries from Hydroton are combined where possible. We select shipping companies that offer this service. With our own modern (service) fleet, we try to reduce the emissions of our own transport where we can. For internal transport, electric forklift trucks are used. In addition to that, we use sustainably generated electricity.

Design and development

During the engineering phase, when your project is designed in detail, our engineers take sustainability and the emissions of your future machine into account. They create an efficient design in which heat development is avoided as much as possible. The combustion or electric motors used meet the highest standards of efficiency.

Overhaul and reuse of existing systems

We are happy to assist and advise you about overhauling and reusing existing systems. We will not always, for example, recommend a new installation. In some cases it may be smart to overhaul the current installation or component instead, giving it a second life. We’ll use the original parts, and only components that are subject to wear will be replaced with new ones. We’ll always recommend replacing existing electric motors with energy-efficient ones. Oil samples are examined at a laboratory before we advise you to filter or replace them. This way, raw materials are used in a sustainable way. Would you like to know whether an overhaul of your hydraulic system or component is advisable? Please contact one of our specialists.

Waste and a circular economy

After manufacturing our products, various residual materials remain. These are carefully sorted and reused as much as possible. Used hydraulic oil will be sent off to be reused. Scrap is sorted by material type and returned to recycling companies. Used high-pressure hoses, filters, cleaning cloths and paint residues are separated and disposed of as chemical waste. Paper and residual waste are separated. Received packaging and filling materials are reused where possible, to protect our products during transport to the customer for example. Thanks to digitisation, the use of paper within Hydroton is being reduced further and further.

Revisie Hydrauliek Unit Duurzaam alternatief Hydroton
hydrauliek werkplaats revisie-duurzaamheid
Revisie Hydrauliek Unit Duurzaam alternatief Hydroton