conforti ISO6022 cilinders nederland distributeur hydrauliek hydroton

ISO-6022 and ISO-6020 cylinders

As the distributor of Conforti Oleodinamica in Holland, Hydroton supplies standardized hydraulic cylinders in accordance with various NEN standards. The cylinders according to ISO-6022 and ISO-6020 are characterized by being designed with threaded and bolted connections only. This avoids the unfavourable properties of a welded joint and the modular design allows for easy part exchange. The cylinders are of the highest quality and can be equipped with adjustable damping, proximity switches and internal. Thanks to the large stock, it is possible to deliver your custom-made cylinders within two weeks. On our documentation page you will find the complete range of Conforti Oleodinamica and with our configurator you can design your cylinder yourself and you will receive a drawing in 2d and 3d. Off course you can give us a call for technical assistance with your project.